Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is a culturally diverse community with lot of restaurants, nightclubs, coffee houses, bars, bookstores, art galleries and unique specialty shops. Neighborhood restaurants feature cuisine from just about everywhere from Ethiopia and Vietnam to Latin America and the Caribbean. Adams Morgan is the center of Washington, DC's liveliest nightlife and is popular with young professionals.

Listings in Adams Morgan

Anacostia Waterfront 

The Anacostia Waterfront area of Washington, DC is undergoing a massive transformation. With a $10 billion restoration and revitalization plan underway, the Anacostia Waterfront is the city’s fastest-growing area of employment, entertainment and residential growth. The redevelopment project, which includes the building of the Washington Nationals new baseball stadium, will also create 6,500 units of new housing, three million square feet of new office space, 32 acres of new parkland and a 20-mile network of riverside trails.
Capitol Hill is the most prestigious address in Washington, DC and the political center of the nation’s capitol with the Capitol Building set atop a hill overlooking the National Mall. Members of Congress and their staff, lobbyists and journalists live on Capitol Hill as well as others who can afford the steep prices of real estate here. Capitol Hill is the largest residential historic district in Washington, DC with many of its 19th and 20th century row houses listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Union Station is located nearby providing plenty of options for shopping and dining.
Dupont Circle
Dupont Circle is a cosmopolitan neighborhood with some of Washington, DC's finest museums, historic homes and foreign embassies as well as a variety of ethnic restaurants, bookstores, and private art galleries. This neighborhood is the heart of Washington, DC’s nightlife. There are lots of high-rise apartment buildings and many rowhouses have been converted into apartments. The Circle itself is a gathering place with park benches, grass and a unique fountain in the center.